The Land Between Solar Systems

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Greeting Earthlings!
My name is Emtebe and I want to invite you to the journey through the stars with my fresh new LP. It took me over two years of intensive work, searching for inspiration and other stuff, including life's shitstorms - but here it is. Another longplay album.

But I must warn you - our journey will not be like others space adventures. Chill out. You don't have to take any backpack, make special preparations nor sandwich with meat loaf. You don't have to say \"goodbye\" to your family and friends, because you will be back in about an hour.

So, are you ready for some brand new music adventure? Well, nothing easier - just download free ticket for the journey, which is my LP. The next thing you'll have to do is turn the volume up a little bit, put on headphones and sit comfortably. Or, to better feel the Space, lay down and turn off the lights.

But remember, Earthling... You take all the responsibility...


All music by Emtebe.




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The Land Between Solar Systems
The Land Between Solar Systems
  • Saturn V (Ready To Start)
  • The Prime Time
  • Approaching To The Planet Mars
  • Space Traveller
  • Dance With The Moon (Part I)
  • Oceanus Procellarum
  • The Second Solar System
  • I Heard Jazz On The Phobos
  • Face From Cydonia
  • The Truth About Apollo 20
  • System Failure
  • Dance With The Moon (Part II)
  • Tunes From The Space
  • Back To The Planet Earth
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